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The United Arab Emirates spend its National day on the second of December each year.

The 44th anniversary of the UAE National day is celebrated in December 2, 2015. The National day is related to the seven emirates union, when they declared themselves independent and set up a new and very strong state. Forty-three years ago, all the seven Arab emirates, were part of so-called Oman treaty - organization which is completely controlled by the United Kingdom, led by the Queen. And by 1971 six emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain, became a unified state.

First, Abu Dhabi and Dubai came to agreement on their unification. A decree on the United Arab Emirates establishment and the agreement of friendship between the UAE and the UK were officially signed on December 2nd at 10am. The flag of the United Arab Emirates was raised for the first time in the presence of officials at about 11-30 am. Other 4 emirates joined by 13-00. And finally the seventh emirate Ras al-Khaimah joined on February 11, 1972.

Finished unification, the United Arab Emirates have managed to turn from a desert area populated by nomadic people, into a strong and economically developed country in a very short time. The Emirates turned into a real powerful federation, where the level of living is considered to be one of the highest not only in the entire Middle East, but also throughout the world.

Celebrations on the occasion of the National Day continue for several days. Everyone takes part in it. This is the most important national holiday for UAE citizens, but visitors also celebrate this holiday, submitting to the general wave of exultation and just diving into the stream of celebrations, festivals, concerts, competitions and carnivals.

Emirates spend much money on entertainment of its citizens and tourists. All Carnivals, processions of huge puppets in costumes of national grounds and concerts of creative groups from all over the world, which gather a crowd of gapers, are held in all shopping centers.

It is a very noisy and crowded, and most important funny overall. In some places, you will see just one thing, in other places there will be something completely different, starting from performances of Bavarian dancers in national costumes and ending with circus actors juggling fireballs, or, for example, Arab musicians playing the bagpipes and drums.

All those who wish are given the balls with national colors, scarves and flags.

Those who don`t have, are obligatory given something by to the local people.

According to tradition in some places built so-called "Heritage village" - small islands of Arab culture, models of Arab houses around which men sit on carpets and pillows and weave a network or women on abayah, or niqab burkas paint hands with henna or braid something national. Everyone is offered water, coffee or traditional sweets for free.

But the main thing that distinguishes this festival from all others, is the local decoration of cars because of country`s birthday.

Over 5,000 national flags - symbols of freedom and prosperity, decorate the streets of towns and villages. Over the sky of Abu Dhabi air - show arranged: a huge UAE flag rises into the sky and towed by helicopter. Colors of the cloth are very symbolic. Vertical red stripe - is the basis of the cloth. Its symbolism means that it covers staff and also means the extraordinary strength and greatness of citizens’ spirit. Red stripe - is the basis where the political and moral foundations formed, firmly kept not only in governmental buildings, but also in the hearts of ordinary people. White color - a symbol of purity and tolerance. These are the main social values of UAE nation, their main luggage and priorities which are transmitted from generation to generation. Black is the color of the oil, "black gold" of the United Arab Emirates stock. Green stripe on the flag of the United Arab Emirates means the great power of Islam and the importance of this religion in the life of the citizens of Emirates. Everyone, including children are painted in national colors.

Another program trick is festive balloon launch of tremendous sizes. The photo of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is applied on the "balloon".

The main official ceremonies are held in Abu Dhabi, and also in the largest city of the country - Dubai. Colorful parades and concerts of creative groups are broadcast on national television. Boat races, exhibitions of the best manufacturing enterprises and many other cultural events related to the holiday, gather thousands of locals and tourists. Numerous shopping centers arrange a huge sale with incredible discounts. Side-shows and contests with prizes are arranged for public in parks. Rainbow` colors illuminate over major cities in the evening sky - laser shows and fireworks light up the district, creating a unique atmosphere of celebration and fun.

By this wonderful holiday the International Festival of Children and Youth`s Creative work is timed to, which will be supported by the UAE Department of Culture and Tourism. We are pleased to invite everyone to participate in this celebration of life, enjoy the atmosphere of fairy happiness and to become witness of many different cultures and nationalities union.



International Competition-Festival

"Robin Good International Festival"


The festival sponsor: «Robin Good Travel» tour operator (official web-page) (TO-460 №0145963 governmental license) with the assistance of the UAE Department of Culture and Tourism.

Purpose and aims of the festival:


Line-up and age groups of participants

• Children's, youth and adult amateur groups and individual performers from the CIS and other countries;

• Children's, youth and adult amateur groups and individual performers from the CIS and other countries;


Participants of all categories can perform competitive items with live background music or have a minus track. Phonogram must be of high quality and recorded on mini - disk and CD in a mandatory manner. Phonograms should be sent in advance by e-mail to festival@robingood.kz on organizing committee application.




The panel of judges, headed by the chairman of the organizing committee is formed and approved by steering committee of the festival artists, teachers of creative universities, directors, producers, managers of creative groups, representatives of culture and art. Jury list is not divulged before the festival. After the festival participants and teachers have the opportunity to discuss competitive performances and exchange views with the members of the jury.


Competitive performances of the participants are evaluated by generally accepted criteria: technical skills (corresponding to category), artistry, complexity of repertoire, creating an artistic image, etc.



-          Application form of the group (soloist). (You can download the sample of application form or complete it online). Accepting applications and festival vouchers payment closes 15 days before departure. Official invitation to the group or individual performer is sent only on the basis of the submitted applications.

-          Arrangement fee

The application must specify:

Next, you need to send:



The competition provides an excursion program for participants. Time of optional excursions (not included in the festival package) paid by the group can be transferred only in agreeing on the guide (the steering committee). Excursions included in the festival package cannot be changed, and the group is not compensated in case of its absence. The team leader, who acquired excursions outside the steering committee, assumes responsibilities of the quality of tour services and group security.

There is an offer of 10 +1 person for free for organized groups.  

It is possible to compose an individual excursion program.



Arrival at the aiport. Meeting at the airport. Transference to the hotel. Checking into the hotel. Leisure time.


Breakfast at the hotel.

Leisure time. A trip to the beach.

15.00 SAFARI (excursion at extra cost)

We suggest you to dart away from the objects of the towns into the evening desert where you can observe sand dunes in a a spectacular play of light and shadows of the setting sun. Powerful jeeps will carry you through the waves of sand dunes in the heart of the desert. Adventurous spirit enthroned in the air. You will feel it while eating barbecue under the stars in the desert. Hookahs, Arabian dancer, henna drawings, photos in the Arab national dress-everything is at your service.

Coming back to the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.

12.00 Excursion "Birthday of the country"

You will see the city of Dubai in the most significant day for the residents of this young country's - the Day of the United Arab Emirates Formation. The 44d Birthday will delight you with its brandish; you will feel the unforgettable atmosphere of celebration and will touch it. This tour will dip you into surprises and remain in your memory forever. You will also have a chance to visit the most fashionable district - Dubai Marina, where the luxury boutiques and four-star restaurants are situated, you will see the 8th wonder of the world - a man-made palm island and its decoration - the famous Atlantis hotel, the Hotel Burj Al Arab-famous "Sail".

We'll pick up in the Magic Garden - Miracle Garden, where more than millions of flowers in bizarre forms were planted. Magnificent aquarium located in the largest shopping center - Dubai Mall will surprise you. And this day will end with one of the most splendid fireworks in the world at the foot of majestic Burj Khalifa.

Lunch is included in the program.

23.00 Coming back to the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.

Transference to the Festival.

Festival day. Participants` rehearsals. Competitive performances.


Breakfast at the hotel.

10.00 Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium - is the only dolphinarium in the Middle East. It is located on the coast of Bay Creek in the heart of Dubai and offers its visitors a daily show featuring with the participation of trained dolphins and sea lions. Dubai Dolphinarium is located in the modern 5000 square meters building . The Dolphinarium holds 1,200 spectators simultaneously. The auditorium is equipped according to the highest international standards -sound hardware, laser equipment and lighting. Here is the same as in the best Dolphinariums of the world. Dubai Dolphinarium -is one of Dubai main attractions, tourists and locals` favourite place since the time of its construction. Local shows are very popular, and there is no release from the visitors. Local shows are very popular, and there's no keeping the visitors away.

14-00 Transference to the Festival.

Gala concert.


Breakfast at the hotel.

8.30 Trip to Abu Dhabi with YAS WATER WORLD or Ferrari World Abu Dhabi visit (Optional). (excursion at extra cost)

During this tour we will visit, perhaps, one of the most beautiful places in the world - the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, which is the United Arab Emirates pride. Locals call the mosque "the Great", as it was named in honor of a man with a great name, the founder of the UAE - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

During this tour we will visit, perhaps, one of the most beautiful places in the world - the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, which is the United Arab Emirates pride. Locals call the mosque "the Great", as it was named in honor of a man with a great name, the founder of the UAE - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Water park Yas Water World Abu Dhabi is located in the heart of the entertainment complex of artificial Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. This huge water park, spread out over 15 hectares, is the largest water park in the region. It can offer its visitors 43 kinds of amusements, five of them - are unique and have no parallel in the world. A legend about the adventures of an Arab girl Dana who searched the lost gem, which brings luck to people from her village, served as the basis of the subject which water park sustained in. So a huge 8-meter silver gem has become decoration of the tower top-stone Jebel Dana. All amusement rides are located in selected thematic areas. At the entrance visitors will come across Qaryat Al Jewana, where they can participate in an interactive treasure hunt around the water park. Those who wish to get a shot of adrenaline should visit Bubble's Barrel, where they can tame the artificial wave up to 3 meters. You can truly get the feeling of flying inside the tunnel hydromagnetic tornado Dawwama, which is about 20 m high. Visitors will be able to perfuse each other quite enough from water barrels and water pistols on hanging roller coaster Bandit Bomber 550 meters length, with water and laser special effects. You can descend on huge mattresses from 300-meter slide Falcon's Falaj. Also, you should try a vertical slide Liwa Loop with whirlpool, high-speed slide Hamlool's Humps, Al Raha River and Yadi Yas - swimming on pneumatic floats through the caves and waterfalls, the largest pool with artificial waves Amwaj, amusement ride Pearl Dive - underwater show with diving for pearls and much more. It should be noted here there is a children's area with lots of water amusement rides for young visitors.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a place for fans of speed and thrill for people of all ages. It`s the world's first thematic park dedicated to Ferrari, and the largest amusement park in its way. More than 20 amusement rides where you can have fun or learn something new, interactive shopping and authentic Italian cuisine - all in a fascinating manner puts up visitors to the world of Ferrari.

Numerous amusement rides are situated under the famous red roof of this huge amusement park. Formula Rossa - is the world's fastest roller coaster, where the speed reaches 240 km / h. Galleria Ferrari is the largest museum in the world outside Ferrari Maranello, here Ferrari cars from 1947 to the present day are interactively demonstrated. Speed of Magic is a fantastic 4-D amusement ride, which allows getting through the jungle, ice cave, ravines and the throat of a fiery volcano.

Coming back to the hotel.

 DAY 7

Breakfast at the hotel.

Leisure time. A trip to the beach.

19.00 Dinner at the Arab Boat (Excursion at extra cost)

Old traditions "meet" the new realia of modernity.

Previously such vessels could only be found in the old shipyards of Sharjah and Ajman. Boats, as before, are made of Indian teak, and look like 300 years ago.

2 hours boat ride will make you enjoy the diner on board of Dow, tasted the delicacies of Arab cuisine, and simultaneously gratify the Persian Gulf view.

Coming back to the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.

Checkout. Transfer to the airport.



With triple occupancy in a 3* hotel

                              - 640 DOLLARS. - Adults and children over 12 years.

                              - 590 DOLLARS. - CHILD FROM 6 TO 12 YEARS OLD

                              - 330 DOLLARS. - The child up to 6 years, on conditions that s/he will sleep with parents without an extra sleeping space.


With triple occupancy in a 4* hotel

                              - 720 DOLLARS. - Adults and children over 12 years.

                              - 680 DOLLARS. - CHILD FROM 6 TO 12 YEARS OLD

                              - 420 DOLLARS. - The child up to 6 years, on conditions that s/he will sleep with parents without an extra sleeping space.


The organization fee for one nomination:

$ 55 per participant (but no more than $ 1000 per group), $ 105 per soloist

(paid in addition, the cost of travel is not included)

Prepayment is made payable in Rubles at the 2% exchange rate of CB or Tenge at the 2% exchange rate of National Bank .



Paid in addition:

SAFARI - $ 42 / $ 37 for children under 12 years

TRIP TO ABU DHABI + RC WATER PARK - $ 140 / $ 130 for children under 12 years

TRIP TO ABU DHABI + FERRARI PARK - $ 140 / $ 130 for children under 12 years

DINNER AT THE ARAB BOAT - $ 50 / $ 44 for children under 12 years